Map of Russia, provinces boundaries

This Russia map contains administrative boundaries of country’s provinces. This map is part of Carticque Monde.

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This Russia map, provinces boundaries, part of Carticque Monde, includes country’s provinces boundaries on January 1st, 2008. This base map will perfectly fit your GIS and mapping tools

New boundaries are more detailed and provide you with higher quality in your cartographic analysis, including for geolocation of address points to their street position or items positioning according to precise GPS coordinates.

This base map, in VXF format, can be directly integrated into C&D Pro software C&D Pro software.

The map is projected according to the Miller Cylindrical method and is converted to approximate kilometers.

We can provide you with this map in the appropriate format for integration into Google Maps (KML format) ou Bing Maps (GML format). Feel free to contact us for more information about formats.

Base map source: International Organization of Standardization (ISO norm). Data source: CIA World Factbook (countries data) - national statistics offices and United Nations for cities.