The data necessary to your analyses is in our data library

Whether you are studying the evolution of population in specific areas, the presence of local services and care services, or giving an overview of employment in a given department, your analyses require recent and exhaustive data, associated with the areas you are interested in.

We can provide you with all the data you need to create your indicators and project your statistical analyses on a map: our data is associated with its specific territory and is sorted by theme to allow you to find what you need quickly and easily.

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All the GIS databases for your mapping software

Are you looking for base maps for your GIS software? You will find here all our ready-to-use GIS databases in GeoJSON format, with all levels of divisions: our base maps for France are divided into regions, departments, communes, cantons, electoral districts, IRIS; we also have base maps for continents and world countries and provinces.

All the GIS databases necessary to locate your data and make it accessible at a glance are available here!

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You are just a click away from our illustrative maps!

Are you looking for a map illustrating a department, a region, a country? Choose your area and the kind of map you need, and you will obtain a ready-made, high-resolution map!

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Make Your Map

With MakeYourMap, your thematic maps are only a click away! MakeYourMap allows you to create them online for free. Either choose one of our free available base maps or import your own, and associate it with data.

The data libraries allow you to easily put together the data you need for your projects.

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